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Children’s Dentistry Back

Your child means the world to you, and we always strive to treat them that way here at Four Corners Family Dentistry. Dr. Manpreet DhaliwalDr. Christine Tran, and the rest of our team take plenty of time to understand the needs of growing smiles, catching even the littlest signs of decay and keeping a close eye on possible developmental problems over the years. All the while, we look forward to helping our youngest patients feel right at home and ready to smile in our treatment chair. 

  • When should my child start visiting the dentist? 

    Ideally, your son or daughter should begin attending regular dental appointments when their first tooth comes in, or by their first birthday. While this may seem early, this allows our team to start building a relationship with your child, helping them feel welcomed and at ease as they age and their smile continues to grow. We want their dental care experiences to be stress-free. Starting early also gets them started on the right path for dental hygiene inculcating good habits right from the beginning. Our team constantly reminds kids about the importance of correct brushing and flossing so they can develop life-long habits for excellent oral health.

Gentle, one-on-one care: Starting from their very first check-up, our team is as careful as possible with little patients. We’ll gently review their existing teeth and overall mouth to catch even the littlest indications of decay, as well as developmental concerns that could prove troublesome in the future. We’ll be happy to teach parents how to properly care for their child’s oral health at home, as well as provide personal, fun lessons to the patients themselves once they’re old enough to understand and follow directions. Dental fluoride, sealants, mouthguards, and other preventive services can help protect their smiles throughout the years, and restorative treatment options like mercury-free fillings are available as needed too.